Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mary had a little lamb, bunny and chick....

I just got done making some cute spring paper characters. You may remember me making some Thanksgiving and Christmas characters last year. I can't take credit for the idea as I found them at Dream, Create and Share. Tammy has some great tutorial on her blog.

I didn't have the exact same punches as her, so I had to improvise. I think they turned out pretty nice. TFL.


  1. They are all adorable Heather! I especially love the chick :)

  2. Cute- cute-cute!! I love the little lamb!

  3. i love it love it!!!! i need directions lol pleeaasseee

  4. I can't stand it... they are soooo super cute!! I'm going to just have to case these myself. Good find and perfect creations. excellent job Heather. It's nice to be back visiting all the blogs.. such prettiness everywhere.

  5. These dudes are just about the cutest! I adore that little lamb. Soooo many uses for that one!:)