Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Boat Ride

Here we all are!!! This is Major's first boat ride...............ever!!! He just turned one, and is such a terrific dog. We took him out to Long Lake to see how he did................great job. He loaded pretty good, and when it was time for him to go after his "dummy".......kersploosh!!! Into the water he went without hesitation. He hesitated when it was time to get back in, but once Chris showed him how, there was no stopping him.


  1. What a smart boy!!
    I am so proud of him!
    Auntie Vicky

  2. Hey there Chickee-poo- long time no see! Love the photo of Major on the boat and glad he is a such a natural at retrieving! I bet you all had a blast :)

  3. What a tranquil pic!! He is a pretty dog!!! Almost as nice as a cat? lololol...I would have loved to see his retrieving from the water! auntie siouxie