Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paperbag Scrapbook

I made my first paperbag scrapbook. Please excuse the numerous posts for this and the crude attempts at photography (I needed at least one more hand). The scrapbook is of a trip my girlfriends and I took to Chicago last fall to see the play Dirty Dancing. We had a wonderful time and the play was terrific. TFL.


  1. heather, I LOVE your album! so cute and it looks like such a fun trip. loved the movie dirty dancing, didn't know it's on stage now too ... hope it comes to SF!

  2. Love it! I have never done one of these : ) I am crazy about the colors you used!!

    TYFS Patti

  3. I love it too! It's fabulous. I have made a lot of these. None with that gorgeous paper. Love the Bella rose on the cover. Your pictures look great in the bag album too. Is there anything you are not good at Heidi? lol

  4. HEATHER!!! oops I didn't mean to call you Heidi lol I was just at her blog! sorry : ( anyway the comment remains the same )

    Lisa the goof up gal