Monday, March 2, 2009

lavenderblue's Challenge Entry

This is my friend lavenderblue's entry for the challenge at CK on the PCMB this week. I couldn't upload it to the gallery there, so I am uploading it here and attaching a link. I think she made a beautiful card. Feel free to leave your comments for her here if you would like. TFL


  1. LOVE it!! but I do have one question.... where is the Lavendr or blue!? heeheehee. Great card. I really really love the Cuttlebug and that is one of my favorite folders.

    Heather! I really like the grey and orange together! you go girl!! getting us old foggies out of our "comfort zone" (not you Vicky, I was talking about me) : )

    Thank you both! Patti

  2. I love those colors together! She did a great job. Thanks for posting it here Heather!

  3. I decided that I rather like the colors together. I would have never of thought of that color combo! good one Heather. And great card Vicky!

  4. love the colors and how you did the circles on the front, also you did it with the opening in the center which i think is great.