Friday, March 27, 2009

Atttn: All CK Members!!!!

Ok, I have made an executive decision in regards to challenge hostesses and our weekly challenges. We are putting dgsbearsmom's (Judy) challenge on hold. She knows thus far who has participated and will hang on to the list. I feel it best if we just put all of these on hold for a bit. Is everyone ok with giving it until April 12 until we start them back up??? That will hopefully give us some time to get everyone here an hopefully someone will figure out how to upload to the g (I've had no luck). This will also give me time to figure out what the best way to resume the challenges is. Right now I am thinking that it would be best to pick back up with Judy's and go down the list from there. Which would mean:
Judy 4/12
Chrisy 4/19
antme 4/26
dokis 5/3
BeachBum 5/10
weedsgalore 5/17
If anyone has any other suggestions, I am totally open to them. I want everyone to have the same shot to host as well as participate. If things aren't any better by 4/12 then we will re-evaluate and go from there. I would really appreciate it if you could respond with either an "I agree" or "I disagree" so that I can get a feel for what everyone is thinking. TIA
Oh, I will post this on all 3 boards, but you can email me with your response too.

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